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About Us

Company Profile

Personal Protective Equipment, Safety Products, Work wear, Uniforms Fire Protection, Emergency and Rescue Gear Industrial Supplies and Tools.

The Specialised Hardwares Group offers products and services under five broad categories:

The Safety Shop supplies all types of Personal Protective Equipment, Safety Products, and Workwear. Advisory, Consultancy and Safety Solutions are also provided under this division.

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The Tool Shop offers Hand Tools, Power Tools and Cutting Tools.

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The Fire Shop that operates under the trading name of STALLION FIRE offers complete solutions for fire-fighting, fire detection, rescue equipment, training, maintenance and repair of equipment

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The Export Shop that operates under the trading name of RESOURCE EXPORTS LIMITED, operating out of Surrey, United Kingdom, provides International Procurement, Shipping consolidation and Logistics to clients specifically in the East & Central African region. RESOURCE EXPORTS LTD also provides export marketing for select European manufacturers.

Our Mission

To forge a trusted partnership with our customers by providing them with the best possible industrial supply solution - as, when and where required.

Our Vision

To be the preferred regional leader in the provision of industrial equipment, safety products and personal protect equipment by providing the best suited products for the job.

Core Values

We are committed to the future of the business and our customers, so have invested heavily in our people, product innovation, branch and distributor network and our supply chain partners.
Offer clients dependable and reliable solutions by having a trained and informed team.
Partnering with suppliers who are respected, innovative and committed to provision of products that economically and safely ease all work processes.
Good Safety is Good Business
Consistently offering new and better alternatives

Quality Statement

It is the policy of Specialised Hardwares Limited to provide the customer with goods and services to the agreed requirement.
The entire Specialised Hardwares Team is responsible for Quality Control System seeking improvement by constant reviews with clients, suppliers and distributors. The Company is committed to achieving a hundred percent customer satisfaction by the use of the laid down and documented quality procedures.

Health Safety & Environmental Policy

At Specialised Hardwares Ltd, we will ensure that practical and effective measures are in place to protect the Health and Safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, service providers and contractors. This Policy is based on Compliance to this country's legislation, as well as encouragement of other initiatives that prioritize the protection of Health, Safety and Environment of those affected by our activities.

Through this policy Specialised Hardwares Ltd

  • Strives to avoid any injury or harm to health of employees, and business partners alike.
  • Seeks to avoid damage to property.
  • Will supply or provide only products that, when used according to the advice provided, do not cause any injury to persons or harm the environment.
  • Places great emphasis on the principle that Accidents should be avoided by practicing the highest standards of safety consciousness and performance

People & Duties

The Company recognizes the importance of the commitment and involvement of senior management in order to put this policy in place

It is the responsibility of each and every employee, supervisor, manager and director to be involved in the implementation of this policy. Employees at all levels are held accountable for their Safety performances.

Organisation and Arrangement

The Company:

  • Will urge all suppliers and service providers to apply or abide by the Health, Safety & Environmental Policy of Specialised Hardwares Ltd.
  • Will apply measures to minimize any adverse effects to the environment caused by its activities
  • Will carry out Risk Assessments on the Health, Safety and Environmental concerns before embarking on new ventures or processes
  • Will maintain contingency procedures for serious accidents, to minimize harm to people, property and the environment.